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Types of oil cooler

Types of oil cooler
1) air-cooled oil cooler
   Air-cooled oil cooler core of many cooling and cooling plates, in the car driving, use of the car head-wind cooling hot oil cooler cores. Air-cooled oil cooler requires around good ventilation in the ordinary cars difficult to ensure that there is adequate ventilation space, seldom used. Most of the cars using this cooler, because the car speed is high, the cooling air flow.

2) water-cooled oil cooler
   Oil cooler is placed in the cooling water, the cooling water temperature to control the temperature of the lubricating oil. When the oil temperature is high, the cooling by the cooling water when the engine starts, the cooling water absorbs heat from the rapid increase in temperature of the lubricating oil. Cast from aluminum oil cooler housing, front cover, back cover and copper pipe. In order to strengthen the cooling tube and suit the heat sink. Cooling water flowing in the tube, the oil flows in the pipe, the two heat exchange. There is also the oil flowing in the tube, and the water flowing in the pipe structure.


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